The Four Corners Group

Our founder

William M. Johnson is a visionary who has a passion and servant attitude for youth in the community. 

His goal is to bring awareness to the need for social justice and help raise up more leaders across the country that will get involved in missions in their back yard that will unlock their community and save our youth.

mission & vision

Educating, equipping and empowering the community through evangelism training, youth initiatives & community development.

He wants to see youth maximize their full God-given 

potential. He has equipped students, adults and leaders to   rise to the top for more than 14 years as a Student Pastor and  through working with Young Life as a mentor and counselor.  He has served as a chaplain for the Gwinnett Youth Detention Center in Georgia, serving and planting seeds and positively impacting students for 7 years.

Transforming and Engaging Communities

The organization positively impact more than 100 students a year through coaching and mentoring in the local school systems, youth detention centers and community initiatives throughout Georgia.

boots on the ground

Strategizing , unifying and equipping our communities, leaders, and churches to initiate transformation.

He is also the founder and executive director of Thrive Youth Development, Inc.

1625 Initiative

Mobilizing churches and communities to help youth in detention centers to thrive.