In Facility: The 1625 Initiative educates and empowers youth caught in the vicious cycle of recidivism.  Trained instructors and coaches lead youth through a proven curriculum covering life skills and character education.  In addition, students receive job training and connections to internships and employment opportunities.

Pathways to Success:  The 1625 Initiative offers a training program for youth after release from juvenile detention centers.  The program will engage both students and their families and will help youth identify their next steps as they reintegrate in society.

Over eight weeks and more than 30 hours of instruction time, Pathways to Success will lead students through a proven curriculum covering character education, strengths assessment, and job readiness training.  Students receive public speaking training and personal presentation practice at each session, qualifying them for certification through Toastmasters International.

In addition to the curriculum, students participate in a service project, visit a technical college, and make connections with potential employers.  A case manager will advocate for each student in the program.

Each student completing the Pathways to Success coursework and demonstrating job readiness will be honored by a graduation celebration and receive a portfolio and a completion certificate.  The program will track progress and provide continued guidance and support for participants and families after graduation.